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Information on Palm history, anatomy and cultivation.


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Palm Tree Types of the Cold Hardy Variety

Here you will find Palms with majestic beauty which can withstand colder winter climates in a Northern environment. These Palm types are well suited for parts of America.


Palm Tree Pictures

13 photo galleries of cold hardy Palms which are the most majestic of all Palms

Palm Trees Care and Resources

The Palm Tree Care and Resources section helps you choose the right types of Palms for your environment and hardiness zones.
This section also contains information and ideas for protecting the Palm Tree in the cold winter months.


Palm Tree Archives

Information and Pictures of the different types of Palm Trees capable of withstanding colder climates. The species are:

Palm Tree - True Date PalmTrue Date Palm
Palm Tree - Canary Island Date PalmCanary Island Date Palm
Palm Tree - Texas Sabal PalmTexas Sabal Palm
Palm Tree - Mediterranean (European) Fan PalmMediterranean (European) Fan Palm
Palm Tree - California Fan PalmCalifornia Fan Palm
Palm Tree - Windmill PalmWindmill Palm
Palm Tree - Pindo PalmPindo Palm
Palm Tree - Sago PalmSago Palm
Palm Tree - Mexican Fan PalmMexican Fan Palm
Palm Tree - Queen PalmQueen Palm


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Sun Palm Trees - About Us

Sun Palm Trees

Sun Palm Trees provides information on which we consider are cold hardy Palm Trees. This is intended to wet your apetite on how far north Palms can grow with the proper planting, care and maintenance. The further you push the Plant Hardiness zones, the more care will be required to keep your Palm Tree alive and in thriving condition.

Here is a qoute from TyTy Nursery in GA about one Palm we focus on;

" Cold hardy Windmill Palm Trees grow as far north as the Northern United States and Canada. "


Sun Palms Tree - Recommendation

Sun Palm Trees recommends reading and contributing to the iVillage Garden Web Forums with people in your local area to hear their Palm Trees stories. You will learn a lot about how Palm enthusiasts are beating the cold hardiness zones.

Warning - Sun Palm Trees tries to provide the most accurate information possible but we will make mistakes. This is an informational site only to help Palm enthusiasts and the information read should be part of your research if you are growing Palms up North. Sun Palm Trees

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Sun Palm Trees - About Us

Sun Palm Trees