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- This section provides Palm Tree Care Advice on choosing a Palm Tree, planting Palms, growing Palm Trees, preparing and caring of Palm Trees (cold hardy) for the Winter Cold, Pruning Palm Trees along with cold hardy zone maps showing the typical winter cold snaps your Palm Trees will have to endure and Palm Tree care for cold winters.

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True Date Palm Tree

Canary Island Date Palm Tree

Texas Sabal Palm Tree

Mediterranean Fan Palm Tree

California Fan Palm Tree

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True Date Palm

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Canary Island Date Palm

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Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree - The Facts and Information You Need to Know on type, growth and care for your Palm Tree

Gather all the information you can about Palm Trees and their care and it will pay off. The following is a general and detailed description of Palm Trees. The resource becomes fairly technical but remains interesting on the background and cultural aspects of Palm Trees. The following is a qoute:

"Palms are evergreen, mostly tropical plants in the family Palmae (also known as Arecaceae). There are over 2500 species of palms. Most are tree-like, with single trunks and either fan shaped (palmate) or feather shaped (pinnate) compound leaves. The larger palms make dramatic statements in USDA Zone 8-10 landscapes, and smaller palms are grown in containers everywhere..."

Palm Tree Care - Basic Plant Requirements

All tropical plants including Palm trees have the same basic requirements needed to flourish. Required reading to understand the basic care needed for a Palm Tree.

Palm Tree Care - Cold Winter Tolerance and Climate Needs

Palm Tree cold tolerance climate and environmental information, zones and maps to enable the best care and growth of your Palms. Palm Tree hardiness zone maps helping with caring for and growing palms in cold weather. Some cold hardy palms can withstand cold winter climates.

Palm Tree Care - Pruning

Pruning. Your typical care and maintenance for the health of your Palm Tree includes Pruning cautiously. Palm Tree Care - Pruning. Even though this article is on the importance of pruning your palm trees always remember that Palm trees are still low maintenance trees.

Palm Tree Cold Hardy Zones Maps Descriptions

Caring for and choosing the right Palm Tree is aided by zone maps which Palm Trees and plants are measured by their cold hardiness. In the Palm trees cold hardy zone maps, you will see how the zone maps are developed and why.

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Palm Tree Care - Cold Hardy Zones Maps

Palm trees have a cold hardy rating and you can see where this rating falls for your local area. It is a starting point for caring for your potential Palm. For the care of your Palm this is important but many individuals are providing extra winter care for their Palm Trees and growing them in much colder areas than based on thr cold hardy zones.

Palm Tree Care - A Palm Trees Comparison Summary

A variety of Palm trees are compared based on their attributes:

  • True Date Palm Tree
  • Canary Island Date Palm Trees
  • Texas Sabal Palm Tree
  • Mediterranean Fan Palm Trees
  • California Palm Tree
  • Mexican Fan Palm Trees
  • Windmill Palm Tree
  • Pindo Palm Trees

Palm Tree Care - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I care for my Palm tree?
  • What Palm tree should I choose?
  • How do I plant my Palm tree?
  • Growing palm trees - How do I grow a Palm tree in a borderline area etc...

Palm Trees Discussion Boards - Good Resource for Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Discussion Boards - a great place to see how individuals plant, care for, grow, winter protect and fertilize their Palm trees based on their localities.

Palm Trees Care - Useful Palm Tree Links

Palm Trees links and Palm Trees Resources

*Note- There is a website with excellent information on Palm Tree Care Advice from

Palm Tree Store

The following will give you an idea on the kind of Palm Care Advice they offer. Just click on the links to learn about what recommends and the potential products you can use for your Palms to thrive:

Palm Tree Care Advice - Soil Improvement "As a homeowner, it is your job to create a more natural soil for your palm. The best way to do this is with the addition of mycorrhizal fungi. As a homeowner, the best contribution you can make to your palm tree's health is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to the soil."

Palm Tree Care Advice - Fertilizing
"Most landscape palms will require fertilization once or twice during the growing season. Not just any fertilizer will do, however.  Palm trees have special needs that must be met with specially formulated fertilizers that target specific nutrient deficiencies.  Homeowners should also apply regular maintenance fertilizers to healthy trees."

Palm Tree Care Advice -
"As well as maintaining proper soil conditions
, an important consideration is to ensure that your palm receives sufficient water for healthy growth. In desert areas and in the absence of regular rainfall, periodic watering is essential. Slow drip or bubble type watering over a number of hours is better than a simple drenching with a hose. As for how often, this will depend on the climate, season and rainfall frequency. In many areas, twice a month during the summer decreasing to once every six weeks during the colder season should be enough."

Palm Tree Care Advice - Choosing a Palm
"In general, four factors should be considered when choosing a palm tree for your property. Size, Temperature, Sunlight, and Water"

Palm Tree Care Advice - Planting a Palm
"Planting palm trees is similar, in most ways, to planting other kinds of trees. Nursery-grown palms are generally sold either potted or balled and burlapped.

  • Try to plant your tree shortly after purchase. If there is going to be any time lag between purchase and planting, make sure that the tree's root ball is kept moist but not soaking.
  • Dig a hole wide enough to fit the root ball with plenty of room to spare. Twice as wide might be a good rule of thumb in many cases.
  • Add beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to the soil.
  • When the palm tree has been planted, build a soil barrier around the circumference of the hole to form a dam that will hold water. Then lay down a layer of organic mulch around the tree. About three inches deep should do.
  • Brace larger trees against winds and storms.
  • Frequent watering is crucial for newly-planted palm trees. Daily for about the first two weeks and then tapering off over several months as the tree establishes itself.
  • Palm trees also require periodic fertilizer applications.

Palm Tree Care Advice - Cold Protection
"Protecting Your Trees from the Cold - Generally speaking, the homeowner who is concerned about the effects of winter weather on their palms has little to worry about. However, the unpredictable climate of the winter months can sometimes produce unexpected 'cold snaps'. It is in the face of freezing temperatures such as these that your palms will require extra attention. There are, thankfully, a number of preventative measures one can take to encourage the survival of palms through the winter." will have the answers for your Palm Tree Care needs.

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