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Palm Tree Species / Types Comparison. Most palm trees (depending on the unique species) are widely adaptable when it comes to the soil type, and most Palm types are highly drought resistant. A variety of Palm Tree species are listed below. We compared the Palm Trees based on heigth, hardiness zone, growth rate, soil and light requirements, leaf type and the species trunk or stem type characteristics.

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Common Name True Date Palms Canary Island Date Palms Texas Sabal Palms Mediterranean Fan Palms California Fan Palms Windmill Palms Mexican Fan Palms
Species Name Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix canariensis Sabal mexicana Chamaerops humilis Washingtonia filifera Trachycarpus fortunei Washingtonia robusta
Typical Height 70' 40' 40' 10' 50' 25' 70 - 100'
Hardiness Zone 8B-11 8B-11 8-11 8-11 8-11 8-10B 8-11
Growth Rate Slow Slow Slow Slow Moderate Slow Fast
Soil/Light Requirements Widely adaptable/ high Widely adaptable/ high Widely adaptable/ high Widely adaptable/high-moderate Widely adaptable/ high Widely adaptable /moderate - high Widely adaptable/ high
Leaf Type/Size Feather/up to 20' Feather/10-20' Fan/6' wide - 3' long Fan/ 3' diameter Fan/6-7' wide Fan/2-3' wide Fan/ 4-6' wide
Trunk or Stem Characteristics Robust, grey, patterned with broad leaf scars Distinctive diamond leaf scar pattern Gray, smooth; often covered with criss-cross of split leaf bases 1' diameter; dead leaves persist below crown Brown, fairly thick, not swollen at base Slender, covered with dark brown fibers Pale gray, swollen at base, often covered with long shag

There are many types of Palm Tree species to meet a variety of needs. The species above are relatively cold hardy and grow well in the Southern US and further North.

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